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Tate Skinner - Assistant Principal

Welcome to Minford High School!
 It is my privilege to work with the best students, faculty, staff and administration. Each day is a wonderful experience centered around doing what is best for the students.
My main areas of focus are discipline and attendance - two very important factors in the success of a student. With good attendance comes the best chance to succeed. To obtain a school-wide learning environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach, an efficient, fair and consistent approach is employed.
Should you need assistance, my e-mail is tskinner@minfordfalcons.net. You can reach me at 740-820-3445 ext 3104. Also, be sure to follow my Twitter @MHS_Asst_Princ for daily posts about good things at MHS, which includes updates from games where cell service is available. Parents and community members are welcome to add me as a friend on Facebook.
Every day is a great day to be a Falcon!
Go to SkinnerOffice.com for daily updates. 
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are made on the intercom each day during 4th period.
Listen to them on my YouTube channel after 10:30 AM.

 Important Information about Attendance and Discipline
 Unexcused Tardies
If a student arrives after 7:35 AM and before 8:30 AM, then that student must obtain a tardy slip in the office. The following consequences apply to unexcused tardies.
 1st & 2nd Tardies Warning
 3rd & 4th Tardies Lunch Detention
 5th Tardy After-School Detention
 6th Tardy 2 After-School Detentions
 7th Tardy & beyond In-School Suspension
 Unexcused Absences
These type of absences can be accumulated in increments of 1/2 day of 1 day. Failure to provide an excused reason in writing (see handbook) will result in the following consequences. 
 1st & 2nd Unex. AbsenceWarning 
 3rd Unex. Absence Lunch Detention
 4th Unex. Absence After-School Detention
 5th Unex. Absence 2 After-School Detentions
 6th Unex. Absence & beyond In-School Suspension
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