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Classroom Supply Lists
2018 - 2019
ALL students in grades K - 12 need to supply their own earbuds/headphones.  


 2 packages of #2 wooden pencils12 glue sticks 2 pairs of blunt-tip scissors 
 2 packs of crayons (24 pack)2 dry erase markers  1 pencil box (5 x 8 hard plastic)
 Backpack (no wheels)1 box zipper bage, any size  1 box tissues
 Earbuds or headphones  
 Please choose ONE of the following:  1 contained of baby wipes or 1 container of disinfecting wipes.
 Click here for a printable Kindergarten list.

1st Grade 

 1 package of #2 wooden pencils24-count crayons Large eraser
(big pink one) 
 Blunt-tip scissorsGlue sticks Liquid school glue 
 Pencil box1 box tissues Earbuds or headphones 
 Backpack (no wheels)  

 Please choose one (or all) of the following: 

 Clorox wipesBaby wipes Dry erase markers 
 Click here for a printable 1st grade list. 

2nd Grade 

 Pencil boxBlunt-tip scissors Backpack (no wheels) 
 School glue or glue sticksCrayons Markers (optional) 
 2 packages of #2 wooden pencilsHighlighters Erasers 
 Dry erase markers1 box tissues Clorox wipes 
 Hand sanitizerBlack sharpie marker  Bag of treats
5 pairs of earbuds ($1 each at Dollar Tree) This is so that students can keep one pair in homeroom, 1 in math, and 1 in reading and have extras for when they lose them. 
 Click here for a printable 2nd grade list.

3rd Grade 

 Several #2 wooden pencils
 (extra donations appreciated)
 Cap pencil erasersBlunt-tip scissors 
 2 glue sticks 1 box tissues 24-pack crayons 
 Medium/large zipper supply pouch
 (no plastic boxes, please)
Dry erase markersHighlighters 
 Earbuds or headphones 1 pack wide-ruled notebook paper  2 packs antibacterial wipes
 (no baby wipes, please)
 Index cards - BOYS ONLY Zipper sandwich bags - GIRLS ONLY 1 bag treats (optional)
PLEASE NO TRAPPER KEEPERS OR EXTRA FOLDERS/BINDERS.  Trapper Keepers/large binders to not fit in their desks.  Also, when they are switching classes, they cannot carry everything.  We limit it to what they NEED to carry.  Thanks! 
Click here for a printable 3rd grade list. 
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