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Classroom Supply Lists

2018 - 2019

All students in grades K - 12 need to supply their own earbuds or headphones. 


4th Grade 

 1 zippered pencil pouch
(no supply boxes, please)
 12+ pencils

(more purchased throughout the school year)
 24-pack crayons (maximum)Glue Erasers 
 2 highlighters (different colors)2 packages wide-ruled loose-leaf paper

(kept for student use) 
 2 pairs earbuds to be kept
 for personal computer use

(if lost during the school year
an additional pair will need 
to be purchased) 
 2 packages anti-bacterial wipes

(avoid baby wipes)
 1 box zipper seal bags

(we need all sizes from snack to gallon,
mostly GALLON size
2 boxes tissues 
 Hand sanitizer (waterless)Red ink pen for student use

(used daily in Boyer and Huff classes) 

Optional, but appreciated: 
Individual wrapped treats for treat box

 Please note:  Some teachers may ask for additional items to be announced the first week of school.
 NO plastic supply boxes, calculators, rulers, markers, expandable files, Trapper Keepers, or large binders.
Trapper Keepers/large binders do not fit in their desks.  Also, when they are switching classes, they cannot
carry everything.  We limit it to what they NEED to carry. 
 Click here for a 4th grade printable list.


5th Grade 

 Supply box or pouchPencils
if using mechanical pencils,
students are responsible for lead 
 Crayons (24-pack)Glue (sticks perferred) Erasers 
 Wide-ruled, loose-leaf paper
 (kept for students' personal use) 
1-subject (70-page) spiral notebook;
need 4 (one for each class)
Index cards 
 Earbuds (for computer class
 and Social Studies.)  If lost during
 the school year, more will need to
 be purchased. 
Composition notebook
(for Social Studies interactive notebook)
Box of tissues

 Please note:

You may want to purchase 3 - 4 (or even more) packages of pencils, crayons, glue, erasers,
loose-leaf paper, and earbuds to be used throughout the year.

 Other supplies that are optional, but much appreciated:

 Anti-bacterial wipes (not baby wipes)
 Click here for a 5th grade printable list.


6th Grade 

 Mrs. Truglio's Social Studies Class:
 1 box tissues1 package dry erase markers 1 three-ring binder 
(for 1st nine-weeks Create a Country project)
at least 22" x 28"
Colored pencils
 Mrs. Phipps' Science Class:
 Two-pocket folder Pencils
(if mechanical, then must have own lead)
 Two boxes tissuesArt supplies:
crayons, markers or colored pencils, scissors, glue 
 Mrs. Mullens' Language Arts Class:
 2 packs of #2 pencils 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper Post-it notes
 (any kind)
 Glue sticks
 (4 sticks minimum)
 2 one-subject spiral notebooks 
 (to be kept in class)
 One pack index cards
 Crayons and/or
 Colored pencils
 Markers (if they want their own) Highlighters
 Tissues Scissors (if they want their own) Hand sanitizer
Mrs. Harris' Language Arts Class:
 1 pack of index cards 1 three-ring binder with dividers 1 composition notebook
 Highlighters 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper Post-it notes (any kind)
 Liquid glue 2 packs of #2 pencils Scissors
 Colored pencils 2 packages of glue sticks Scotch tape
 TissuesHand sanitizer  
Mrs. Ottens' Math Class: 
 NotebookFolder with pockets Red pen 
 MarkersScissors Pencils
Optional Supplies:
Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Bag of candy for prize box.
Calculator:  School will provide one.  We will use the TI-15, but other TI models are allowed up through the TI-30x model, if you prefer to have your own. 
 Mrs. Brown's Language Arts Class:
 1 composition notebook 1 three-ring binder with dividers 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper
 Highlighters1 pack of index cards  2 packs of #2 pencils 
 Post-it notes (any kind)Liquid glue Scissors 
 Colored pencils1 packages of glue sticks Scotch tape 
 TissuesHand sanitizer  
 Click here for a 6th grade printable list. 


7th Grade 

Mrs. Miller's Language Arts Class: 
 1 three-ring binder with dividers 1 pack of #2 pencilsPost-it notes
(any kind) 
 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper 1 pack of index cards Glue sticks
(4 sticks minimum)
 Markers (if you want your own) Scissors (if you want your own) Tissues
 Hand sanitizer  
 Mrs. Mullens' Language Arts Class:
 2 packs of #2 pencils 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper Post-it notes
 (any kind)
 Glue sticks (4 sticks minimum) 2 one-subject spiral notebooks
 (to be kept in class)
 One pack of index cards
 Highlighters Crayons and/or colored pencilsTissues 
 Hand sanitizer Markers (if they want their own)Scissors (if they want their own) 
 Mrs. Seaman's Language Arts Class:
 Highlighters (at least 2) 1 three-subject spiral notebook
 (Mead 5-star preferred) 
 1 pack of #2 pencils
 Liquid glue 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper Scotch tape
 2 packages of glue sticks Markers, scissors and colored pencils
 (if they want their own)
 Hand sanitizer (girls only)Disinfecting wipes (boys only)  
 Mr. Nelson's Math Class:
 2-inch three ring binder Six tab dividersPencils 
 PaperColored pencils Tissues 
 Mrs. Byrd's Science Class:
 1 to 1 1/2 inch three-ring binder with dividersLoose-leaf paper 2 - 3 packs of lined index cards 
 2 packs of pencilsOptional:  tissues and/or hand sanitizer  
 Click here for a printable 7th grade list.


8th Grade 

Mrs. Rolfe's History Class: 
 PaperPencils Box of Tissues 
 Bottle of hand sanitizer Notebook or folder to keep papers in 
Mrs. McFadden's Math Class: 
 Six tab dividers 2-inch three ring binder Pencils
 PaperColored pencils Tissues
 Hand sanitizer  
Mrs. Gampp's Language Arts Class: 
 2 packs of pencilsScissors Glue sticks 
 MarkersHighlighters Post-it notes 
 1 composition notebook1 two-pocket folder 1 box tissues 
 1 pkg of notebook paper Hand sanitizer (girls only)Disinfecting wipes (boys only)
Lysol brand, no Clorox wipes 
Click here for a printable 8th grade list. 

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