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Federal Requirements

The Minford Local School District annually makes application and develops programs addressing student needs from local needs assessments. The federal Title programs provide grant dollars to provide intervention, help to reduce class size, provide teacher professional development, and technology. A public meeting is held annually in the spring to solicit input and development of all state and federal grants, which includes, Title I, !!A, V B, IDEA and any other applicable grant.

The District is receiving ARP IDEA funds and will be applying for the funds in November of 2021.  Anyone desiring to provide input and/or to ask questions regarding these programs should contact Amy O’Dell, Federal Programs/Curriculum Supervisor at 820-4203. 

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State Requirements

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Title One

Title One is funded under Federal Law:  ESEA.  Its purpose is to provide intervention to students who attend schools in low socio-economic areas according to our student selection policy.
Title One offers to qualifying students:
  • Reading Recovery and Small group instruction for First Grade students.
  • Small group instruction in reading for students in grades 1 - 3.
  • Smaller Class Size & Intervention in grades 4 - 8 in math
  • Smaller Class Size & Intervention in Language Arts for grades 4-8
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